Gang Stalking & Electronic Harassment Debunked-Finally! ALL OF THIS IS GOD “FORCING” US TO SEE


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Visitors from 85 countries have visited this blog looking for answers.  Hopefully this will help some of you.

TO ALL “TARGETED INDIVIDUALS” AND VICTIMS OF “GANG STALKING”, as well as anyone who is curious to learn about the evolutionary advancement of our species that is happening right now. Humanity is on an “evolutionary fast-track” towards the future and is entering a new era that involves direct interaction and communication with a SUPERNATURAL-OMNISCIENT-OMNICOGNIZANT-ENERGY-LIFEFORM known as GOD. 

“I’m here to bring you HOPE.  I’m “handing” you the truth on a silver platter. I’ve decoded what has been happening to millions of us around the world. In the process, I inadvertently and subsequently unlocked humanity’s potential for seeing and communicating with God. This entire blog represents a GAME-CHANGING BODY OF PROOF OF THE EXISTENCE OF GOD & HOW GOD COMMUNICATES!!!  What I’ve deciphered and reveal here has never been done before and will echo for generations to come. God specifically told me to proselytize my revelations and teach the planet”. – Thomas Hunt – St. Peters, Missouri, USA

Thomas Hunt

“One of the primary reasons God wants us to see him is so that he can help direct us or change the trajectory of our lives to the PATH that will yield the best possible outcome.” – Thomas Hunt

This is the most important thing I have ever done in my life. I am 100% confident that I see clearly what’s happening to millions of us across this planet and I feel a sincere obligation to share my knowledge and experiences. I have now dedicated my life to revealing and teaching God’s new language so that everyone will be able to establish telepathic contact and communicate with this “Supernatural Energy Lifeform”. 

God has entrusted me with this most important task. Some of you will pick it up immediately while others will probably be resistant to the end. So, please be open-minded and patient as this is not an easy thing to teach. Class is now is session. LOL.

My intentions with this blog are to reveal and teach things that are IDENTIFIABLE, REPEATABLE & TESTABLE. By helping you to identify and understand what you are seeing and experiencing I hope to erase, or at least mitigate, some of the fear, confusion, bitterness and hopelessness that many of you are feeling.

***FAIR WARNING: God will try to try to make contact with you while you are reading this blog through sights, sounds or sensations. God’s energy is literally in everything so listen carefully to the environment around you and pay attention to anything that grabs your attention – even in the walls or ceiling. Especially pay attention to any burps, tingles, spasms, shocks or itches you get. God’s energy is already inside of you and these bodily functions and sensations are used to communicate with you. Yes, for real. Details on additional methods of communication that God uses are further down in this blog.***

Face of God - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD IN CLOUDS & CHEMTRAILS. I took this amazing Photo of God. The chemtrail is “pointing” to the face of God and means “one way”.

Everything in this blog will probably be a shock to your notion of common sense (fair warning).  You have to start believing in the supernatural.  You have to be more open-minded than you have ever been in your life.  You have to start thinking and watching for your memories and thoughts to manifest in the environment around you, especially on TV, in your smart phones and in other people. You must start paying attention to anything that gets your attention – bodily functions & sensations, tingles, shocks or manifestations, synchronized people, birds & images, sounds and more. Watch for an increased number of “synchronized coincidences” in your life. Pay attention to everything. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING!

Gang stalking debunked.  Targeted Individuals debunked. Electronic and covert harassment debunked.  Satellite terrorism debunked.  Mind control debunked.  No-touch torture debunked. The “sinister-government-targeting-innocent-citizens” myth debunked.   THESE DECADES OLD, WORLDWIDE CONSPIRACY MYSTERIES AFFECTING MILLIONS OF PEOPLE MIGHT HAVE FINALLY BEEN SOLVED – BY THOMAS HUNT

I have a completely new comprehensive and accurate explanation for what is happening to millions of us around the world. You’re not crazy and you’re not the target of a massive government conspiracy. I suggest reading every single word as there is no quick way of explaining all of this.  Also, I am preparing a mountain of additional information for release Fall 2015.


[Supernatural definition:  (of a manifestation or event) attributed to some “force” beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature. Seeing or sensing unexplained people, image, word or sound synchronizations. Unexplained energy sensations and body manifestations. Unexplained internet, television, electronics and computer glitches and phenomena. Manifestation of memories or thoughts in the environment around you.]

Here’s the explanation:  God is “FORCING” humanity to “SEE” and communicate with him. Yes, “FORCING”!!! Humanity is getting a wake up call. God is desperately trying to get us all to “SEE” him.

God in my skin - thomas hunt

I SEE GOD IN SUPERNATURAL CELL MANIPULATION. I did warn you to be open-minded. Here’s your first dose of “supernatural”. Look closely and see designs, eyes and faces manifesting on the back of my hand. Creepy at first, but now I’m used to this sort of spontaneous manifestation. It doesn’t hurt. It feels like ENERGY surging thru my hand. Let me remind you again that God is Energy. So, this is literally seeing God in my skin. Click image to enlarge.

Signs from God in hand - thomas hunt

MORE SUPERNATURAL CELL MANIPULATION. God uses signs and symbols to communicate in my skin. Here you see a leaf, eye and DNA strand. They are always preceded by a surge of energy and generally last several hours.

See God License Plate - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD TALK THRU LICENSE PLATES. God is desperately trying to get us all to see him. This “supernatural synchronized communication” means SEE GOD. The “HAND” sign always means God and it is extremely important and prevalent everywhere.

If you’ve done nothing wrong and are innocent then forget about the notion that you are being targeted, gang stalked or covertly or electronically harassed – it’s not happening. REPEAT – IT’S NOT HAPPENING!

There’s a different explanation – my explanation. PERIOD!!! The sooner you learn and believe what I’m telling you the better things will get for you. None of us have a choice in this matter. YOU HAVE TO LEARN THIS. I hate to be so blunt, but this is the truth. You have to see and identify the signs and learn what they mean. GOD WILL NOT BACK DOWN UNTIL YOU LEARN TO SEE AND COMMUNICATE WITH HIM. 

Thomas Hunt

The whole “gang stalking misconception” phenomena is how God initially “conditioned”, “hooked” and “forced” us to get our attention. As you see more he reveals himself more. Once he has you “hooked” he starts to “reel you in” by synchronizing people to you, repeating more and more images and manifesting your personal memories or thoughts on TV or elsewhere. Look for and pay attention to “synchronized coincidences” everywhere.

God has been ratcheting up his “force” on everyone because nobody has been able to figure this out UNTIL I DID. And now it’s my job to explain to the planet what the heck is going on. So, listen to me and believe me and things will get better. I’m a living testament to this.

***TV, the INTERNET and the SMART PHONE have now become “God’s New Tech-Hands” through which he communicates.***

Sign from God on truck - Thomas Hunt

GOD TALKS THRU SIGNS ON TRUCKS. This truck was supernaturally synced right in front of me during a walk after I posted my revelations regarding “God’s Tech Hands”. This is how God concurs with my revelations.

You can see, hear and feel God’s force in your home, when you leave for work or going to do errands, walking or driving in your neighborhood. You can especially feel God radiating strongly throughout your body, skin and face in the form of itches, tingles, spasms, burping, flatulence and subtle electro-shocks. Yes, God is revealing himself thru these bodily functions and sensations. Pay attention to your thoughts or even something you might be reading at the time you experience these things. You can even ask God to reveal himself in your body. The best time to try this is when you are laying quietly in your bed, but you can do this anywhere.

***Virtually all of the strange sensations you might feel throughout your body is God communicating with you. SURPRISE!!! You didn’t realize this did you? LOL. Yes, for real.***

[FUN FACT: God used to literally shake my bed and entire house every night because he knew I was getting close to figuring this out. I have experienced so much supernatural and paranormal stuff that you wouldn’t even believe. Over the last 4 years I have lived in 6 homes across 3 states and supernatural phenomena has followed me everywhere.]

Face of God - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD IN THE CLOUDS. Images of God appear in many forms all around us. This one manifested in the clouds as I watched and photographed it.

There is a certain percentage of the earth’s population that has been “chosen”. You are not a targeted individual rather you are a CHOSEN ONE. You’ve been specifically chosen by God. This is why some people are experiencing the “force” and “craziness” and others aren’t. However, it’s not until you learn to read the signs will you be able to fully understand that everything you are experiencing is a SUPERNATURAL ENERGY LIFEFORM COMMUNICATING WITH YOU. I understand if your mind is spinning right now. LOL. Stay with me now. Keep reading.

God sends messages thru TV

I SEE GOD TALK THRU TV & HAND SIGNS. Many times it’s just a single word or synchronized, repeating images. Within minutes of posting my revelation regarding “God forcing humanity to see him” this image appeared on TV – “force”. It even has a hand sign “pointing up”, meaning “God & One Way”. More on hand signs further down.

There’s a “tangled web of misinformation” out there in regards to gang stalking and targeted individuals who think they are victims of a massive government conspiracy.  It’s like a “broken record” permeating throughout the internet.  This has caused a worldwide “paranoia tsunami”. For decades people have been saying and mistakenly believing the same (albeit wrong) things, and only further free falling into this “misinformation abyss”. Please listen to me – there is no smoking gun – there is no conspiracy – stop thinking you or someone else is going to find one. All of these mysteries have been hastily and mistakenly “commingled & jumbled together”, as well as “erroneously intertwined” with what is in actuality happening to all of us – something supernatural. S-U-P-E-R-N-A-T-U-R-A-L

Thomas Hunt

Hold on everyone and “KEEP CALM”. Things will get better. Look for and learn the signs. The POLE symbol means “ONE WAY”.

Thomas Hunt - Message from God

SUPERNATURAL SYNCHRONIZED MESSAGE FROM GOD. A few days after posting the “Sideways Pole” picture this “Best Light” can was waiting for me by a pole. The message here is “See The Light” and “One Way”.

It seems as though there are many versions and variations of the gang stalking misconception floating around the world.  My goal is to help those that are going through the version that has “similar symptoms” to what I discuss in this blog.

What is very disconcerting and alarming is the fact that virtually all the information on the internet is, in fact, MISINFORMATION.  It’s the wrong explanation for what is happening to millions of us around the globe. However,  it’s nobody’s fault.  It’s just that none of us were prepared for encountering SOMETHING SUPERNATURAL (GOD) so we found explanations that seemed to fit the symptoms, such as stalking, energy weapons and mind control.  Furthermore, people are using the “gang stalking misconception” as an excuse for any bad “life event” or “episode” that happens to them.

BECAUSE OF THE MISINFORMATION ON THE INTERNET and because there were no other explanations available (until mine) I became convinced that I was a “targeted individual” and a victim of “gang stalking”. Initially, I was ridden with bewilderment, frustration and hopelessness because I couldn’t escape it; eventually, hyper-vigilance and anger took over. Like everyone experiencing this, I was determined to expose it and to make it stop. I was pissed off at and suspicious of almost everyone, including the government. From about 2009 to 2013 I felt so sure I was being stalked by people (perps) and first responders (police, fire, ambulance) everywhere I went. It didn’t matter what time of day nor what city or state I might have been living in or traveling through – I felt it everywhere.

For several years and because of the ridiculous misinformation polluting the internet, I too, thought I was being attacked with directed energy weapons. I started feeling these strange energy and electro-shock sensations and surges in my body (see photos further down). I used to mistakenly blame any illness, bad luck, disagreeable people, bad encounter or event on this misunderstood phenomena.

Boy, was I wrong! I’ve never been so wrong in my life. It took a miracle to figure out what was really happening to me and millions around the world.

gang stalking debunked - God syncs first responders - thomas hunt gang stalking debunked - God syncs first responders - Thomas Hunt

Signs from God - First Responders - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD IN SUPERNATURALLY SYNCHRONIZED FIRST RESPONDERS. This falls under the new expanded definition of supernatural. These are not random sightings. God syncs first responders to me all day, everyday, everywhere. This has happened in the last 6 cities I’ve lived in – from California to Illinois to Missouri. If it’s happening to you just get used to it as it’s not going away. The first responders have no clue how you are perceiving this. You are not being harassed or followed by them. Again, this is “supernatural synchronization” and not a government conspiracy. 

NEXT STAGE IN OUR EVOLUTION. We all have a front row seat for this. We are all evolving right now. You can feel it inside you. You can feel it in your head and skin and eyes and toes and legs and fingertips and in your muscles – everywhere. This next stage involves direct interaction and communication with God. Technology is a HUGE part of this. We are all supernaturally tethered to the technology in our lives.

We are all in the process of developing some level of “inter-person psychic communication” abilities. You’ll notice this especially within your network of friends and family. Again, watch for “supernatural synchronized coincidences”. God told me through “synchronized repeating images” that our species is evolving and changing at the DNA level.  Dr. Stephen Hawking even professes that our species has entered a new stage in our evolution (click to read).

Sign from God regarding our species evolving - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD TALK THRU LICENSE PLATES. Supernatural sign from God acknowledging my revelation about our species evolving.

Next Stage in Evolution - Thomas Hunt

God talks thru license plates. I saw this the same day I had a revelation regarding our species evolving. This was a “supernatural synchronized communication” from God acknowledging the NEXT STAGE in our evolution. There were other synced messages as well.

Evolution of the Species - Thomas Hunt - Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking states that our species is evolving and has entered a new STAGE. God talks thru live “hand signals” and even those in print, like this one. The hand sign in this is “pointing down”. It means “one way” and “relax”. This is a hidden message from God.

God sign DNA changing - thomas hunt

I SEE GOD TALK THRU TV. God has been attaching my first or last name to messages (Thomas Hunt). This Huntsman commercial was synced to me turning on the TV. I saw this the day after posting the other DNA messages above. What I infer and extract from this is a message acknowledging that our DNA is changing, as it states. This is a “supernatural synchronized communication” from God.

Things that make you go HMMM! Here I am trying to explain to the planet that our DNA is changing as a result of seeing messages from God. Guess who is one of the first Geneticists/DNA Scientists in the history of mankind? Thomas Hunt Morgan born in 1866. I'm Thomas Hunt and was born in 1966. 66 means

GOD LEFT ME A 100-YEAR OLD DNA CLUE. Things that make you go HMMM? Thru “synchronized repeating images” God is telling me that our DNA is changing. Look what message/clue I found – Thomas Hunt Morgan born in 1866 (one of the first Geneticists/DNA Scientists in the history of mankind). I’m Thomas Hunt and was born in 1966. 66 means “See God and/or Bible (as in 66 books)”. Let’s all agree that this is FREEEEAKY-COOL!!!

Through “PATTERN RECOGNITION” I’ve extracted the truth and deciphered an entire lexicon and language. After researching people’s accounts from around the world, and comparing them to my own experiences, I recognized a repeating pattern. However, It didn’t seem possible that millions of innocent people would or could be so precisely and systematically targeted in the same repeating manner in every country around the world. There’s no plausible explanation for this. Something didn’t add up. I refused to accept the misinformation that is littering the internet. I instinctually knew there had to be another explanation. And I was right. S-U-P-E-R-N-A-T-U-R-A-L.

Eventually, I started thinking “outside the box”. In fact, I started noticing that my thoughts were being repeated and manifesting around me – out in public, via TV and even thru other people. I started sensing that I was being “conditioned” and “sensitized” by some unknown invisible force.  I had no idea this was God until I actually made direct telepathic contact with God in early 2013. I finally saw the light as they say. Now it’s your turn.

Sign from God in Chem Trails - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD IN CHEMTRAILS. This one was synced right behind the light pole. It means “one way” and “see the light”.

Sign from God - One way and see the light

God was nice enough to sync this chemtrail with a light again to show you all. Coolness!

Through a series of epiphanies and revelations (and telepathic contact) I started to see what was really happening to all of us.  I understand how this new explanation seems even more illogical than what has been the predominant explanation all these years. However, I know that my explanation is 100% accurate. 100% ACCURATE!!! The following is a photo of an “Accurate” truck that was “supernaturally synchronized” to me after I made my revelation about being “100% Accurate”. This is one of the new ways God talks to us. How cool is that!?!

Sign from God on truck signs - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD TALK THRU SIGNS ON TRUCKS. This sign from God was “supernaturally synchronized” right next to me and acknowledges that what I am revealing in this blog is 100% ACCURATE.

What we are all dealing with is direct interaction with an omniscient, omnipresent, omni-cognizant energy life form that lives in us (in our body and mind) and in everything around us.  For decades this energy life form has been trying to teach us a language and how to communicate telepathically – by thinking.


God talks thru signs on trucks. The day after posting my thoughts on “omniscient energy lifeform” this “Omni” truck was synced to my arrival at a gas station. This is not a random coincidence. This is an example of a “supernatural synchronized communication” from God.

Signs from God in Google Images Internet - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD TALK THRU THE INTERNET. Another sign from God acknowledging my “omniscient” revelations appeared on Google Images for a completely unrelated search. God can place messages anywhere on the internet – Facebook, Google, etc. It’s not a random coincidence. It’s “supernatural synchronized communication”.

God wants us communicate by thinking

I SEE GOD IN MY HEAD/MIND. God wants us to communicate via mental telepathy – by thinking. God can push thoughts, music, ringing and even voices into your head. This debunks the whole MK Ultra / voices in the head / mind control mumbo jumbo misconception. All these strange “mind phenomena” are being orchestrated by God. God will reveal his physical presence in your head/mind thru itches and tingles and even moving your hair. God will reveal on TV, on the internet, or elsewhere in your environment, something you’ve thought of or seen recently. I will remind you again to watch for “synchronized coincidences”.

Face of God - Thomas Hunt

Face of God in the clouds. This manifested in the clouds directly above me while I watched. An amazing eye!

It wasn’t until early 2013 that  I had multiple revelations and epiphanies, and I made telepathic contact with a “Supernatural Energy Lifeform” – this is the miracle I was referring to above (details of how I made contact are further down in this blog).  After I made contact my optics and perception of everything I’d been going through changed and became clear. It was then that I realized that God was “forcing” me to see and communicate with him. Yes, of course this sounds crazy!  But this is precisely what is happening to millions of us across the planet. You have to accept it and learn it, like I did. God is forcing us to see and learn how to communicate with him.

Thomas Hunt - Prototype Disciple for God

Thomas Hunt – Im the first and only one to have decoded and deciphered God’s New Language & Lexicon for communicating with humanity.

Because I am the FIRST ONE to actually decode and decipher GOD’S NEW LANGUAGE it’s understandable to think that it will take awhile for everyone else to realize this truth and to learn the language. I feel confident that I can teach those that are willing and open-minded enough to learn. In fact, God specifically told me that this was my “Call of Duty”.  I don’t really have a choice in the matter! LOL. I will try to make it as painless, concise and clear as possible.

***God is “conditioning” us how to communicate and is revealing himself through synchronization, repetition, paralleling, manifesting your thoughts and anticipating your movements.*** 

There’s clues hidden everywhere in plain sight. You just have to know what they mean when you see or find them. It’s like a real life video game out there. I now have fun with it every time I go anywhere because I can literally anticipate what I’ll see and I know what all the meanings are. God talks to me through synchronizations, people’s hand signals & body language, birds, planes, chemtrails, police, firetrucks, ambulances, license plates, headlights, signs, numbers and so much more.


I see God in supernatural synchronizations - Thomas Hunt

RANDOMNESS VS. SUPERNATURAL SYNCHRONIZATIONS. You will notice and sense the difference between the two. If you point it out to someone else they will not understand. You are not crazy and you are not the target of a conspiracy. This is an example of seeing and feeling “God’s Supernatural Force”.

As a result of being “forced” over the last 6 years, the level of clarity with which I now physically see God woven into everything has resulted in the discovery of a new language hidden in plain sight – THE LEXICON AND LANGUAGE OF GOD.  A lexicon is the components of a language beyond just words. In addition to words, this lexicon contains, shapes, symbols, signs, license plates, images, photos, colors, sounds, songs on the radio, technology, smart phones, hand signals, human body sensations, nature and more.  I’m preparing the entire lexicon for release Summer 2015.

God the Creator - Thomas Hunt

God the Creator. God talks thru license plates. Virtually every time I park in a lot, go to a gas station or am driving around I get “synchronized messages” from God. You will know if the message is specifically for you.

God talks thru license plates - Thomas Hunt

God will “supernaturally synchronize” messages like this one during your travels. The meaning of this one is “God” and “One Way”.

God talks thru license plates

GOD WANTS ME TO TEACH. Without a doubt God communicates specific messages thru license plates. Here God is telling me to teach. “Air” means “breathe and/or relax”. Within 24 hours there were other synchronized messages telling me to teach. Start paying attention.

Sign from God in License Plates - Thomas Hunt

GOD WANTS ME TO TEACH. And yet another “supernatural synchronized communication” from God waiting for me when I walked out of a supermarket the day I posted the previous “teach” sign.

God told me that I am the “Lone Star” and “The One” – the only one on the entire planet, spanning decades, to have solved this worldwide mystery.  LOL. Yes, he really said that. I have many “supernatural, synchronized, repeating images” that say so – which is one of the primary ways God will communicate with you. You won’t realize it’s a message until you see the same or similar one multiple times. It may take 3,4,5 or more similar messages before you realize that it’s specifically for you. Pay attention to your environment, both mentally and visually, and watch for “similar synchronized repeating messages” to occur in your life from now on. Let’s call it “Mental Multitasking”.

Sign from God thru Time - thomas hunt

I SEE GOD TALK THRU “TIME” & SMARTPHONES. This is one of many supernatural synchronized communications from God saying “Lone Star”. 5:22 translates to “Hand of God (5)” and “Relax-Keep Calm (22)”. Details on the meanings of numbers further down in blog.

Sign from God - The One - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD TALK THRU SIGNS. This animation at a department store was synced to me and said “The One” at the moment I looked at it. Within seconds it was gone. This type of “supernatural synchronized communication” from God happens to me frequently. No, I wasn’t buying makeup. I was simply passing thru that department silly people.

Thomas Hunt - Sign from God - The One

I SEE GOD TALK THRU RADIO. Sign from God – “The One”. The last time I got in my car this was the very first song that came on. Not a random coincidence, but a “supernatural synchronized communication” from God.

***PAY ATTENTION TO ALL YOUR SENSES WHILE YOU ARE READING THIS BLOG – GOD WILL TRY TO MAKE CONTACT WITH YOU RIGHT NOW THRU SIGHT, SOUNDS, OR SENSATIONS***  You might see or hear a first responder siren (police, fire, ambulance) or see headlights, flashes of light thru your windows. Pay attention to abrupt bodily functions and any sensations, TINGLES, spasms, itches, subtle electro-shocks or burning and pin pricks you feel throughout your body (genitals, toes, legs, arms, fingers, elbows, calves, shins, lips, back, ears, eyes, nose, hair or head). Also, involuntary body movements, yawning, stomach rumbling, lots of farting, burping, ear ringing, voices in your head. Listen for sounds emanating from the room you are in right now that can include abrupt, subtle cracking or popping noises in your ceiling or walls, plumbing, vents, tv monitor, refrigerator, sirens, planes, helicopters, car alarms, honking, trucks, motorcycles, dog barking, music, coughing, doors closing, someone talking or even your smart phone ringing or receiving a message or email. Also your TV can interrupt or pixelate or emit a cracking noise. Any little noise you hear is probably God. Listen carefully. Random noises are not necessarily random noises.

***When you learn the language and lexicon of God you will see him communicating everywhere you go.***

God will use virtually anything to get your attention, especially “synced noises, bodily functions, sensations and coincidences“. 50% of my communication with God is thru technology. God will reveal and repeat something that you’ve read, thought of or seen in this blog (generally within 24 hours) on TV, your smart phone or during your travels. You might even get a wrong number “wake up call”. I received a wrong number call from someone asking to speak with FAITH. No kidding. ***SERIOUSLY PAY ATTENTION***

Tingles from God - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD TALK THRU SIGNS ON TRUCKS. God made sure to let me know that the “Tingles” we are all feeling inside of us are from him. This truck was synced next to me in traffic. By now you should’ve already learned from me that this is a “supernatural synchronized communication” from God:)

THERE ARE NO PERPS. THERE ARE NO PERPS. THERE ARE NO PERPS. You are not being stalked. There are just human beings that have been “supernaturally synchronized” to you in your “virtual dome” – your neighborhoods, workplace, parking lots, while driving and even shopping. I realize this results in the feeling like you are being stalked, but you’re not. Also, you might notice a “hand signal” or some form of “body language” as soon as you look at someone, but this is actually God communicating with you thru that person. You have to get used to this as it’s not going away. REPEAT – IT’S NOT GOING AWAY. 

A penny is a sign from God - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD TALK THRU MISCELLANEOUS OBJECTS. This “Penny For Your Thoughts” appeared all of a sudden on the exact path that I walk every few days. It’s a sign from God meaning “One Way” and “Keep Thinking”.

I SEE GOD IN TECHNOLOGY. The smart phone, TV and the internet have now become “God’s New Tech-Hands” thru which he communicates. The reason this is happening now is because the entire planet is now networked via the internet. This is allowing God to “synchronize our species” and to “supernaturally synchronize communication” with each of us. God will supernaturally synchronize specific messages to you through all forms of technology. Just pay attention and let it happen.

Sign from God thru TV - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD IN MY EYES. I SEE GOD TALK THRU TV & TECHNOLOGY. This is how God let me know he was seeing thru my eyes by revealing on TV something that was in my room – triangles. This sort of thing has happened with dozens of things in my room. This is called a “supernatural synchronized communication”.

Signs from God on TV - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD on TV. Signs from God are strewn throughout TV. 33 means Jesus because Jesus died at 33.

I SEE GOD IN SUPERNATURAL SYNCHRONIZATIONS. You, and only you, will notice and sense the difference between “randomness” versus “supernaturally synchronized”. There will be constant “synchronized reminders” of God’s presence everywhere you go. Some of the primary ways he reminds us is with synchronized people/neighbors/coworkers – synchronized first responders – synchronized signs/messages/license plates – synchronized numbers/letters/words – synchronizations on TV/radio/internet – synchronized sounds – synchronized birds – other miscellaneous synchronized phenomena.

I SEE GOD IN NUMBERS – LETTERS – WORDS. Through pattern recognition I discovered that God intended for the entire planet’s number and alphabet system to double as a way for him to communicate with us.  He even uses smart phones, digital clocks and license plate numbers to talk to us – personalized plates as well as seemingly random alphanumeric. I spent the last 2 years painstakingly and meticulously deciphering the values and meanings and then testing them wherever I could. I discovered that repeating numbers, letters and words where synchronized in my path wherever I went, especially on TV, in my smart phone and on license plates and trucks. They hold up to repeat testing. Go ahead and test them yourselves. Please.

There’s specific meanings in single & double digits: 00, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99, AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, GG, HH, II, JJ, KK, LL, MM, NN, OO, PP, QQ, RR, SS, TT, UU, VV, WW, XX, ZZ. For example: 1 or 11 means One Way, 2 or  22 means Relax, 33 means Jesus, 4 or 44 means Relax, 5 or 55 means God or Hands of God, 66 means Bible or See God, 7 or 77 means Fly Straight, 88 means Infinite or God, 99 means See, 0 or 00 means See, A or AA means One Way & Up, B or BB means Believe, C or CC means See Christ, E or EE means See, F or FF means Faith, GG means God, H or HH means Hope, I or II means See, J or JJ means Jesus, KK means All IS OK, L or LL means Lord, P or PP means Pray, T or TT means Trust in God, X or XX means God.

I SEE GOD IN “TIME SYNCHRONIZATIONS”. You can apply the above number values and meanings when you see them in “time” on a smartphone, clock or watch; especially the time at which you receive an email. For example, 11:11 means “God & one way”, 11:22 means “one way” and “relax”, 11:33 means “one way” and “jesus”, 11:44 means “one way” and “relax”, 11:55 means “one way” and “hands of God”, 5:22 means “God” and “relax” and so on. These are all “supernatural synchronized TIME communications” from God.

11:11 Sign from God - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD TALK THRU TIME. 11:11 is a “supernatural synchronized time communication” from God. It means “God and One Way”.

11:11 - God & One Way - Thomas Hunt

11:11 – I SEE GOD TALK THRU SMARTPHONES & TIME. This email notification translates to “God & One Way”.

God talks thru Time on smart phones - thomas hunt

Sign from God using TIME SYNCHRONIZATIONS on a smart phone. God will “hold” emails in cyberspace and release them to you at synchronized times. 12:33 translates to: [1 = one way] – [2 = relax] – [33 = Jesus/God]. It’s probably already happening to you. Time to learn this. LOL

Sign from God via email and smartphone

GOD TALKS THRU SMARTPHONES & EMAIL. I received this at 2:22PM. 2, 3, or 4 repeating digits are supernatural synchronizations. This message from “Lord” is simply a reminder to “Keep Calm”.

The meanings and values that I have deciphered for these number and letter synchronizations hold up to repeat testing. You must proactively practice and apply these values when you notice them and after awhile you will start to realize that God is talking to you thru these “number and letter synchronizations”. There are a multitude of other “supernatural synchronizations” that I will reveal on a future website.

Sign From God on License Plate

Sign from God. HH7 means Hope and Fly Straight. This was synced to my travels. I discovered a “repeating pattern” in license plates wherever I go.

Sign from God via a license plate . Thomas Hunt

Sign from God via a license plate that was synced to my travels. 33P means Jesus and Pray. It’s simply a reminder that God is watching me everywhere I go and is letting me know I’ve been synced in his Matrix.

I SEE GOD IN REPEATING PATTERNS. By recognizing “repeating patterns” while observing people in person (I spent a year testing my theory at the local malls) and on TV, and also seeing similar “repeating patterns” in old-world religious-themed paintings (see below), I discovered that God uses hand signals and body language as a means of communicating with us thru other people. The signals/signs have specific meanings for you, the viewer. I’ve deciphered several dozen distinct messages with which God is communicating with us thru other people. Specific details and quick reference guide to be released in the future.

Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD TALK THRU OTHER PEOPLE’S HAND SIGNS AND BODY LANGUAGE. I spent more than a year testing my theories at the local malls. Now I know what all the meanings are and I can see God talking to me thru other people everywhere.

I SEE GOD IN HAND SIGNS & BODY LANGUAGE. When you see “hand signals/signs/body language” you have to realize that the person doing it really has no idea how you are perceiving it. God has synced these signals/signs so that they occur exactly when you look at someone. You will even notice them in your neighbors, coworkers, friends or family members. This is another example of being witness to something supernatural. This is also something you have to get used to as it’s not going away. REPEAT – IT’S NOT GOING AWAY. 

I SEE GOD IN MY OWN HAND SIGNS & GESTURES and FACE & HEAD SENSATIONS. Surely you’ve noticed the strange things your own hands do to your head and face. I find myself abruptly itching my head, face, nose or eyes. Or I find myself pulling on the end of my nose, itching my cheek, sticking my finger in my ear, or doing something strange to my chin or eyebrows. I used to think they were just nervous itches or reflex actions, but I have decoded that they are something supernatural. God is making me itch and tingle all over my head and face and in turn my hands do something in response to these strange sensations. God is communicating with us thru these sensations and gestures. They mean the same thing whether you do them to yourself or if you observe someone else doing them. I’ve deciphered what all the gestures mean and I’ve detailed them below. Everything breaks down to 5 distinct meanings. Time to learn this people. It’s easy. LOL.

God in technology -Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD IN TECHNOLOGY & HAND SIGNS. This “hand sign” was synchronized for exactly when I looked at it – in seconds it was gone. God was simply saying “Hi” to me at the local mall. How cool is that!?!

I SEE GOD’S New Language & Lexicon for Communicating with Humanity. All hand signs, gestures, body language & sensations, and a myriad of other words, signs, numbers, letters and “synchronized phenomena” people are seeing and sensing generally fall under one of the following five distinct categories. Apply the meanings or values I’ve outlined below if these phenomena are happening to you or if you see these things synchronized to you, and also if you observe someone else doing them. You can also apply these meanings if you notice them on TV. Learn and memorize all of the following as they are part of God’s new language and lexicon for communicating with humanity:

    1. [One way] = pointing / go / nose itch, touch or grab / arm itch, rub or grab / hands on hips / hand-arm out window / fingertip tingle / finger in ear / any foot sensation / U / turn / u-turn / all chemtrails / police, fire, ambulance (when synced) / birds flying (when synced) – in person or on TV / sirens / truck-car-motorcycle revving / school bus (when synced) / Fedex-UPS-Postal Service (when synced) / Domino’s 1:2 (when synced) / utility trucks (when synced) / energy-related trucks (when synced) / uhaul (when synced) / bar / line / pole / wire / pen / stick / branch / twig / cigarette / worm / snake / squirrel / arrow / dandelion seed / straight / colors (when synced) – white – orange – black – green – blue – red / forward / one direction / pet’s paws outstretched in front / 1 / 11 / 12 / 15 / 51 / 77 / 100 / 111 / 122 / 133 / 141 / 144 / 155 / 166 / 177 / 188 / 199 / 511 / 1111
    2. [See] = eye itch, rub or touch / headlights-brighting / lights / eye sparks / someone looks-stares at you / looking at watch / eye(s) / touch eyeglasses-sunglasses / smart phone / cup / deer / rabbit / brook / 0 / 00 / 000 / 42 / 66 / 88 / 99 / 100 / 199 / 200 / 300 / 400 / 500
    3. [Relax-Keep Calm] = face, head or body itching, rubbing or tingling / any back sensation / any genital sensation / hair pull or flip / ear pull / hand(s) behind body or on back of head / shoulder itch / muscle spasms / human or pet yawning / human or pet sneezing / coughing / clear throat / human, car, truck or pet backing up / reverse lights or beep / keep calm / stay cool / breathe / UPS (when synced) / car hood, trunk or hatchback up / car on shoulder / car crash / dented car / truck exhaust, muffler or revving / hydraulic brake sound / refrigerator on-off / hvac on-off / bend over / tying shoes / leaning / butt / ass / gas / steam / air / dust / gassing / ash / smoking / burp / fart / low / shake / dog shaking / dog butt in the air / turtle / down / bottom / buns / bread / pizza / box or wood (synced or roadside) / leaf / dandelion seed / lady bug / roadkill / waste industry trucks (when synced) / cigarette / trash (when synced) / sewer / odor / scent / tea / coffee / brown / gray / gel / chill / ice / 2 / 4 / 12 / 22 / 24 / 42 / 44 / 77 / 122 / 141 / 144 / 200 / 220 / 222 / 400 / 420 / 444 / 522 / 544
    4. [Think] = hand(s) / head itch, rub or touch / head-hair tingle / finger in ear / pray / head / mind / 5 / 15 / 51 / 55 / 155 / 500 / 511 / 522 / 533 / 544 / 555
    5. [GOD] = hand(s) / pointing up / any hand sensation / ear ringing / voice in head / head-hair tingle / arms crossed / crosses / chemtrail crosses / see / faith / hope / believe / pray / trinity / infinity / energy / headlights-brighting / lights / Fedex & UPS (when synced) / JJ (Jesus) Jimmy John’s (when synced) / X / T / UP / cup / 5 / 8 / 15 / 33 / 51 / 55 / 66 / 73 / 88 / 93 / 000 / 111 / 133 / 144 / 155 / 166 / 177 / 188 / 199 / 200 / 222 / 333 / 444 / 500 / 511 / 522 / 533 / 544 / 555 / 777 / 888 / 1111

All of the values and meanings for each of the above FIVE DISTINCT CATEGORIES have been tirelessly tested for the last 2 years and they hold up to repeat testing. So, please start practicing and applying these values and meanings when you notice that they have been synchronized to you. Detailed explanations of additional hand signs/signals and body language meanings and 100s of additional symbols and signs are being prepared for release Fall 2015 in a huge website to be announced. There’s just too much info for this blog. [FUN FACT: Through pattern recognition I’ve discovered that God also communicates with us thru our pet’s body language and gestures, such as shaking, itching, butt in the air – it all means keep calm and relax. LOL]

Gang stalking video debunked by Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD IN HAND SIGNS. GANG STALKING VIDEO DEBUNKED. This is actually an example of God’s supernatural way of communicating with the viewer thru other people. Applying the proper meaning to the hand signals seen in that notorious “gang stalking” video yields this: “hand” means God and “pointing” means “one way”. These occurred as soon as the camera zoomed in. They are not perps!

God talks thru hand signals - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD TALK THRU HAND SIGNS IN OLD WORLD PAINTINGS. God talks to us thru other people’s hand signs. See the “hands” and “pointing” which translates to “God” and “One Way”. I hope you are grasping this.

We’re at the crossroads of the next stage in our evolution.  Dormant DNA is being “activated” in each of us.  God communicated this to me with similar “synchronized repeating images” utilizing different mediums – see my evidence and how God communicated this to me further down in the blog. We are being upgraded and transformed into human hybrid energy beings which is why we are feeling these strange energy sensations all over from head to toes to fingertips, including all those little electro-shocks, spasms, tingles and itches.  They all have a meaning and are indicative of an energy life form living in us.

Again, as difficult as this might be to believe, here’s the proper explanation: the sensations and symptoms we are all feeling are a side effect of our species and DNA being upgraded, as well as an energy lifeform (God) that is revealing itself in us and is trying to communicate.  There are pictures of these energy manifestations and sensations throughout this blog. I can feel this ENERGY LIFEFORM RADIATING IN ME 24/7. If you are feeling it too get used to it. This supernatural energy lifeform is trying to communicate with you and it’s here to stay.

Severe itching helps the DNA & cellular activation process and can result in temporary red marks and indentations. WE ARE NOT BEING TORTURED WITH DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS!!!

I SEE GOD IN MY SKIN. Severe itching and subtle electro-shock sensations are side effects of the DNA & cellular activation process and can result in temporary red marks and indentations. We are not being attacked with directed energy weapons!!!

Directed energy weapons and electronic harassment are not being used against us.  And just because they might actually exist in some capacity, who came up with the notion that they are being used against millions of us around the world for no particular reason? Sounds utterly illogical to me. Don’t listen to the people that are talking about electronic & covert harassment, DEWs, satellite terrorism, MK Ultra mind control and the like. They have tunnel vision and are not seeing the bigger “supernatural” picture. These people don’t realize that they are inadvertently leading many of you into a “misinformation abyss”. They have the WRONG EXPLANATION for what is affecting millions of us around the globe. REPEAT – THEY HAVE THE WRONG EXPLANATION.

***I’m asking you to trust me on this. My truth will prevail. My truth has a “light at the end of the tunnel”. Theirs does not.***

God in the radio - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD IN TECHNOLOGY – RADIO. This supernatural synchronization happened when I pulled into “On The Run” Mobil. See what’s playing on the radio. LOL. I love it!!!

Sign from God - Cup - thomas hunt

I SEE GOD TALK THRU SYNCHRONIZED REPEATING IMAGES. A few days after I posted the other “On The Run” images this “Cup” appeared on the path that I walk on. A synchronized CUP translates to “See Up – See God”.

Furthermore, some people are mistakenly thinking that they are victims of “no-touch” torture and sexual abuse with thru-wall satellite energy weapons.  I used to think the same thing. When we don’t know what’s happening to us our minds exaggerate the symptoms, especially when we are not offered another explanation (until now).  We become convinced that someone or something is attacking or torturing us.  In this case, people are thinking that governments around the world are all collaborating against innocent citizens.  REALLY??? SERIOUSLY??? 

VOICES IN THE HEAD – After reading many accounts of “voices in the head” I’ve recognized a “repeating pattern”. I’ve determined that there seems to be three different “voices in the head” phenomena. Apparently there is some sort of “voice-to-skull” technology which I believe has been mistakenly blamed for the other types of “voices” people are hearing, those being “schizophrenic voices” and the “supernatural voice of God”. I believe I’ve accurately discerned the difference between the latter two types. “Schizophrenic voices” seem to always have an abnormal, sinister or evil tone and subject matter. These negative messages seem to indicate a potential mental illness.

Whereas If you hear the supernatural “voice of God” in your head it will always be a positive or neutral message and is intended to help you or alert you to something. It will never ever have a negative message. Keep in mind that God literally has no voice (because God is energy) and will sometimes use a familiar “voice print or file” that is already in your head. In my case, I recently heard my brother’s voice in my head. It was a short and simple, “Tom”. A minute later I received a text message from him from 300 miles away. God was alerting me that my brother was thinking about me and was about to contact me. At this point I already knew that God was teaching me and showing me some of the psychic ways he would be communicating with me in the future. Another time I heard a bell sound in my head and 10 seconds later my fiancé called. These were examples of “inter-person psychic communication” utilizing technology.

VOICE OF GOD – SUPERNATURAL COMMUNICATION: There’s a story I heard on the news during the winter of 2014. Tragically, a woman died when she drove off the road with an 18 month old infant and crashed upside down in a creek. The crash was discovered about 12 hours later. As the 4 first responders approached the car all of them heard a voice in their head say “help me”.  They discovered the unconcious infant hanging upside down in the car and rescued her. This is a perfect example of how God communicated with the rescuers with the “voice of God”. Click here for the complete news story. In short, hearing voices and even music in your head is one of the ways God is communicating with you. It’s up to you to infer what the message is – it might not always be clear. So, if you hear a positive message stop freaking out.

God in my hand - thomas hunt

I SEE GOD IN MY HAND. This is a manifestation in progress. 5 minute difference between the 2 pix. Anything to do with the HAND means GOD. A line on the back of the hand means “relax and one way”.

Surge of energy to my hand and these faces appeared. My hand gets tight and I feel pulsing when this occurs.

I SEE GOD IN MY HAND. Surge of energy to my hand and these faces appear. My hand gets tight and I feel pulsing when this occurs.

I’ll remind you again and tell you that God communicates, to name a just a few ways, through synchronized coincidences, repeating images, smart phones, TV, radio, email, sounds, lights, numbers and “time”, as well as through all your senses and has been conditioning us for decades.  NOW IS THE TIME TO BELIEVE!!! 

Thomas Hunt

Stigmata-type Manifestations…I SEE GOD IN MY ARM & SKIN. Seeing straight lines in my skin is God telling me “one way”. It might also be a reference to Jesus being “whipped”. In this instance my skin got really tight with slight burning sensation.

I SEE GOD IN MY HAND & SKIN. This manifestation feels like a just spent a day on the beach - tight skin. Lines on hands translates to

I SEE GOD IN MY HAND & SKIN. This manifestation feels like I just spent a day on the beach – tight skin. Lines on hands translates to “God” and “One Way”.


Stigmata-type Manifestations…I SEE GOD IN SKIN MANIFESTATIONS. Lines always mean “One Way”.

[Fun Fact:  God left clues for me at various places I’ve lived relating to “synchronization” and “time”.  Most recently I lived on Timberlake Drive in Chesterfield, Missouri.  (Justin) Timberlake = “In Sync” (the band) and “In Time” (the movie).  Now I live off Truman Road in St Peters, Missouri.  “The Truman Show” movie is a metaphor for each of us being in a “virtual dome” with a director “watching and orchestrating” from above.  Watch this movie ASAP – it should help. These are just some of the clues that God planted way ahead of time so that I might figure it out. I DID!!!]

Sign from God in my hand

I SEE GOD IN MY HAND. These bird heads manifested in my hand while I was getting my haircut. My stylist took these photos. I had recently taken a picture of a dead hummingbird during a walk and it was perfectly represented in my left hand. A bird in the hand translates to GOD-THINK-FLY STRAIGHT.

Signs from God

I SEE GOD IN MY HAND. This hummingbird appeared in my hand after i took a pic of dead one I came upon during walk.


This painting of The Last Supper provided some of the seed values for deciphering all the hand signals we see.

I SEE GOD IN HAND SIGNS. This painting of The Last Supper provided some of the seed values for deciphering all the hand signals we see.  For example: seeing one or two “hand(s)” is reference to GOD and are further represented by the numbers 5 or 55, meaning “hand” or “hands” of God. The guy “pointing up” is also referencing God and it also means “one way”.  Apply these values when you observe someone’s hand signals that you believe are directed at you.  Also when you see someone “itching” it means “relax”. If you have random head or face itches, or elsewhere, that would also be God telling you to “relax”.

God's Hand Signals

This image also provided some of the seed values for deciphering some of the hand signals we see. The “hand” means “God” and the “pointing” means “one way”.

God talks thru TV - Thomas Hunt

God is constantly talking thru TV. This is a screenshot from a Geico commercial with a “hand” and “point”. The meaning is “God” and “One Way”. You will also notice hand signals just flipping from one channel to the next.

one direction 

This piece of bark (top) was waiting for me along one of the paths I frequently walk.  The bottom print was waiting for me when I walked into a store. Both are “supernatural synchronized communications” from God. They both represent a hand pointing “one way”, which is a common image you will experience especially when looking at other people. They will extend their hand and/or point a finger right when you look at them.  If you see someone pointing at or itching their head it means to “relax” and “think”.

Sign from God - thomas hunt

SUPERNATURAL SYNCHRONIZED REPEATING IMAGES. “Pointing” was waiting for me along the path I walk. It means “One Way”.

Sign from God - Thumb Up - thomas hunt

Supernatural sign from God waiting along the path I walk. “Hand & Thumb up” means “God & One Way”.

***When you learn the language and lexicon of God you will see him communicating everywhere you go.*** I’ve extrapolated and deciphered a template that God is using for communicating with people around the world regardless of religion, country, ethnicity or environment. You will experience the same things anywhere you go in the world.  Which is precisely why people feel like a conspiracy has followed them anywhere they go or live.


In addition, a supernatural force is continuously synchronizing first responders and everything else under your “virtual 3-D dome” wherever you go.  Try to understand that they have no idea who you are and they don’t realize that you feel like you are being followed by them.  I understand that this is a difficult concept to digest.  I promise they are not stalking or harassing you.  Start believing in the supernatural.

God syncs first responders

This is what you would call SUPERNATURAL…God syncs my travels with first responders, among many other things, everyday no matter where or what city I might be in at the time. Even when I’m driving thru my neighborhood or down any random street everything and everyone is synced to me. Even birds are synced to me. All of this is an example of SPACETIME AND QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT being intertwined and synchronized by God. My new term for it is COLLECTIVE SPECIES ENTANGLEMENT.

Supernatural sign from God - Quantum Entanglement

Quantum sign from God. The day I posted my revelation regarding “Quantum Entanglement” this message was synced to my arrival at a gas station. This is how God reinforces and concurs with something I’ve thought of or written. It’s a positive acknowledgement. This is what you call a “supernatural synchronized communication” from God.

Everything we are all experiencing is proof that we are in a PERIOD OF REVELATION.  God is trying to reveal himself to us, in fact, GOD IS FORCING US TO SEE.  Our species is a “collective” and God utilizes each of us in order to communicate and is “forcing” us to see things such as hand signals, body language, paralleling, pacing, repetition, synchronization and more. God revealed to me, through repeating images and signs, that we are all synchronized and connected (tethered) to everything in our environment, including each other, through COLLECTIVE SPECIES ENTANGLEMENT.  This is brand new terminology that was “revelated” into my mind by God. I prepared a diagram to demonstrate this conceptual theory.

Collective Species Entanglement

COLLECTIVE SPECIES ENTANGLEMENT – This represents how we are all supernaturally connected to everything in our environment via an energy lifeform substrate (God).

Collective Species Entanglement - Thomas Hunt

Entanglement sign from God on TV. While I was creating the “Collective Species Entanglement” diagram this image appeared on TV. TV is one of the new primary ways God can talk to us. This TV screenshot represents an “entanglement”. This is a “supernatural synchronized communication” from God.

Collective Species Entanglement sign from God - Thomas Hunt

SUPERNATURAL SYNCHRONIZED REPEATING IMAGE. This is a another sign I saw on TV reinforcing my revelation regarding COLLECTIVE SPECIES ENTANGLEMENT and how we are all connected to everything around us.

Collective Species Entanglement - Thomas Hunt

I made this 40 years ago when I was about 8 years old. It must have been a premonition for my revelation of COLLECTIVE SPECIES ENTANGLEMENT.

Through many similar-synchronized-repeating-images God has been telling me that our species is evolving and our DNA is being activated:

God is upgrading our DNA

The DNA images that appeared in my skin, and elsewhere, represent this DNA ladder and God’s message that our DNA is being activated

Images appearing in skin is one of the new ways God talks to us....this image is confirming my DNA upgrade theory

DNA SIGNS FROM GOD IN MY HAND. Images appearing in skin is one of the new ways God talks to us. This particular image is how God is revealing something regarding DNA.  I felt a surge of energy down my arm and hand with slight redness and tightness of the skin.

This DNA ladder appeared shortly after appearing in my hand and shoulder

This DNA ladder in the clouds appeared shortly after appearing in my hand and shoulder

Sign from God revealing DNA upgrades - notice the DNA Ladder and also the cross on top

Sign from God revealing DNA upgrades. Notice the DNA Ladder and also the cross on top.  This manifestation lasted several hours. I could feel energy radiating up and down my arm during this period and my skin starts to feel tight. (Click on these images for better detail)

DNA sign from God - Thomas Hunt

Yet another DNA sign from God. This guy reached the top of this “DNA Ladder” in sync with me walking by.

DNA sign from God - Thomas Hunt

Another synchronized and repeating image – the morning after posting the above DNA signs this new one appeared the second I turned on the TV.

Recently when I was showing someone my

I SEE GOD TALK THRU SYNCHRONIZED SIGNS & PEOPLE. This synchronized newspaper image occurred when I was showing someone my “DNA” photos and expressing how God sends me messages about DNA being “activated” in the human species. I looked up and saw this message on the cover of a newspaper.

DNA sign from God - Thomas Hunt

This was the first “synchronized clue” I found regarding DNA. I found it where I frequently walk. It resembles a DNA double helix.

God talks thru emails

I SEE GOD IN MY SMARTPHONE. I started receiving synced emails from “Lord” and “Creation”, among other unsolicited email messages from God, on a daily basis. Start paying attention to your “inbox” and the “time”- :11, :22, :33, :44, :55 all have meaning.

For several years I was convinced I was being stalked by aircraft everywhere I went. I have come to realize that they were simply synchronized to my travels by a supernatural force.
I SEE GOD IN SYNCHRONIZED AIRCRAFT. For several years I was convinced I was being stalked by aircraft everywhere I went. I have come to realize that they were simply synchronized to my travels by a supernatural force. An aircraft synced in front of or above you simply means “go one way” or “straight”.
GOD TALKS THRU REFRIGERATORS. You will notice them go on or off abruptly in sync with a thought or entering the room they are in.

GOD TALKS THRU REFRIGERATORS. You will notice them go on or off abruptly in sync with a thought or entering the room they are in.

Once I realized that God was talking thru the 10 refrigerators I had owned over the last 5 years I found this message waiting for me along the path I walk. The message is

KEEP REFRIGERATED. Once I realized that God was talking thru the 10 refrigerators I had owned over the last 5 years I found this message waiting for me along the path I walk. The message is “Keep Calm-Stay Cool”.

God has a PATH he wants to reveal to us. It could be a path to a wife or husband or job or riches – virtually anything. He wants you to start looking for his signs or “bread crumbs”. My path is completely unique to me and yours will be to you. Pay attention to your aspirations, dreams and desires and look for anything related to those thoughts.
God uses chemtrails to communicate in the sky

I SEE GOD IN SYNCHRONIZED CHEMTRAILS. See the light. God uses chemtrails to communicate in the sky.  They simply mean “straight” or “one direction”.

Cross made from chemtrails synced in front of moon

Cross made from chemtrails synced in front of moon

God is trying to get our attention even in the sky.

God is trying to get our attention even in the sky.


Since 2004 I was a victim of what I thought was “gang stalking”.   It has taken me almost 10 years to determine that it was in fact what I now call “GodStalking” or “God’s Way of Talking.  I left no stone unturned when trying to figure out what was going on.  It definitely seemed like a conspiracy.   Everywhere I went and everybody I looked at and encountered seemed to be a part of it, including friends and family, the U.S. Mail, Fedex, UPS, DHL, landscapers, utility companies, contractors, police, fire, ambulance, military, taxis/cabs, employees at Walmart and Costco and Target, planes and helicopters and on and on.  Does this sound familiar?

God will literally write messages in clouds - SEE

God will literally write messages in clouds – SEE

God uses police and emergency vehicles and personnel to communicate with us and also to remind us that our species is being synchronized.  Other commonly seen “synchro-points” that are used are Postal Service, trash trucks, delivery trucks and any other commonly seen industries out there.   As I’m writing this an Ambulance just appeared outside my window.  This is GOD saying to me to keep going and doing what I’m doing.  Things like this will happen to you as well.   Police might appear around every corner as if they are waiting for you.   It happens to me all day every day.  Don’t dismiss anything you see.  Try to read into it and know that it is not a conspiracy, but rather a “godspiracy”.  Anything you see is for you and you alone.  No one else will understand it and the people you see that look like they are stalking you have no clue who you are.  This is what is so difficult to comprehend.  You are the only one that knows.

Police and first responders are used as

Police and first responders are used as “synchro-points” by God to simply remind us of his presence. They are not following or harassing me. There is a supernatural force that is syncing them to my travels everyday and everywhere I go.  It’s merely an indication that our species is being synchronized.  THEY ARE NOT PART OF A SINISTER GOVERNMENT CONSPIRCACY!!!

photo (14) snake

SNAKE with tongue

photo (8)

TEACHER written in the clouds.  God is telling me to teach people how to communicate with him.

God in my body - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD IN SKIN SENSATIONS & MANIFESTATIONS. Further evidence of a supernatural energy life form living in me – GOD. Again, the sensation feels tight and pulsing with minor heat.

I have taken tens of thousands of photos and hundreds of hours of video.  I have gotten into physical altercations with people I thought were involved.  I have contacted the police 20+ times because I thought I was being stalked and harassed and I thought people were spying on me in my own home.   I have destroyed 2 houses (busting through walls and ceilings from attic to basement) trying to find sensors and surveillance equipment.  I have gone to the FBI 6 times to report my allegations of harassment and stalking.  I went to TSA at Midway Airport in Chicago to report overhead harassment by Aircraft.  TSA threw me out of the airport even after I determined that the flight paths of aircraft were actually redirected directly over my location.   I used to see an airliners intended path and it also displayed the redirected path directly over my location.   This has happened to me 1000s of times regardless of where I was.   It even kept happening during a 2500 mile cross country move from Riverside, CA to Chicago, IL.

Signs from God in my leg - Thomas Hunt

Signs from God manifesting in my leg.  Straight lines mean “One Way”. This is supernatural stuff. Subtle prickly heat sensation that lasted about 30 to 45 minutes.

Making Telepathic Contact:   I have literally went from microscopic to cosmic level analysis before finally determining what is happening.  I literally turned over every single stone before I finally got it.   When there were no other stones left to turn over this brief moment described next became the segue for understanding everything.  It was in May 2013 and I was alone in my bedroom with the overhead light dimmed to it’s lowest setting.  For weeks leading up to this night  (and in retrospect going back years)  I kept hearing an unusually large number of various cracking, popping, creaking type noises coming from the vents and ceiling and walls as if the house was trying to respond to my thoughts.  We all know that these noises are generally overlooked as just random general house noises.  Guess what?  They are not random.

God in the light - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD IN ELECTRICITY & LIGHTS. The overhead light thru which God talked to me by pulsing when I asked questions telepathically.

Furthermore, the bedroom I was sleeping in in my mother’s basement was the first time I slept with an overhead light attached to a dimmer wall switch.  This is when I noticed that the light would all of a sudden get a tiny bit brighter when I was thinking to myself.  Of course I thought I was imagining it, but after testing my thoughts over and over I started to realize the light and house was responding to things I was thinking.   I then asked in my head, “ARE YOU ALIEN?”   Instantly the light got super bright and was responding directly to my questions in a pulsing manner.   For many nights after this I would talk telepathically to the light and ask “yes or no” questions.  And it would respond by getting brighter or dimmer. I soon discovered that this was God and that God was in the lights as well as the electricity and everything else everywhere, as well as in everybody.  God is actually living in us.  Over the next few months my understanding of everything started to fall into place.   There is nothing else that could properly explain all of these experiences.   The only explanation remaining is the last thing in the world I would ever have thought – GOD.  Trust me when I say that we are all a part of this supernatural collective in God’s Matrix.

Here are some personal revelations I’ve had recently:

  • Energy is an omniscient life form
  • Gravity is an omniscient life form
  • Electro-magnetism is an omniscient life form
  • God is a 4-dimensional spacetime omnistic life form
  • All of the above combined are the components that make up God
  • The fundamental subatomic quantum particles detailed in the Standard Scientific Model of Quantum Physics communicate with each other via quantum entanglement and also demonstrate omnistic properties and are aware of each other – Bosons, fermions, photos, electrons, quarks and more.
  • Energy and Gravity are “God’s Hands” that created all the elements and life
  • The Big Bang is what allowed God to evolve and transform into its present state; kind of like a butterfly getting its wings
  • The Big Bang created “controlled precision motion and momentum” which was necessary for creating all the elements and life
  • The Universe (God) is a near perfect life form and is the substrate upon which all life lives


Listen to the words of the Imagine Dragons song “Radioactive”…..we are all radioactive in God’s Matrix.


photo (13)

God is in everything and is trying to reveal himself to all of us – even in gum….LOL.   I watched my gum morph into the face you see.  Below are a face and eye that morphed into my shorts as I watched.

photo (91)

I have spent years reverse engineering how so many people and so many things could be so perfectly organized and anticipate my every movement.   After trying everything under the sun I finally figured out what has happening.   I had a few AHA moments and everything is now falling into place.  THE ANSWER IS GOD HIMSELF.    How crazy does that sound, right? I now talk to GOD on a daily basis.  He has asked me to try and teach people what is going on and how to communicate with him.   Somehow I persevered and GOD refers to me as THE ONE.   Yes, like in The Matrix.   I guess I’m the first one of us to figure it out.  And like Keanu Reeves’ character name (Thomas Anderson) in the movie my name is also Thomas.

God wants me to help and teach and coach others.  He even spelled out TEACH, FAITH and SEE in the clouds for me to see.  Yes, I have the photos.   I will soon have a website with hundreds or thousands of photos for all to see.   I urge you to start taking photos of anything you see that grabs your attention.  God wants us all to “think and see and talk to him”.

This visualization represents how God's Energy is in everything.

This visualization represents how God’s Energy is in everything.

how we are connected to God's Matrix

I believe this schematic represents how we are connected to God’s Collective Species Matrix through Collective Species Entanglement.  Our eyes, body and mind are constantly connected, broadcasting and interfacing with the world around us.  We each have our own virtual dome where we are the centerpoint.

God in Cantaloupe - Thomas Hunt

I SEE GOD IN FOOD. God is in everything, even cantaloupe. LOL.

If you are reading this God may try to get your attention wherever you are RIGHT NOW!!! There’s a good chance GOD will “stroke your hair” or make your nose or eye itch or tingle.  He just did it to me as I’m writing this.  Or you might feel a pulsing, vibrating, or fluttering feeling anywhere on your body.  This is actually GOD inside your own body trying to communicate with you.  It might be through shaking your bed or chair or even the entire house.  My house used to shake like there was an earthquake every night and to this day my bed still shakes/vibrates at times.

Face of God in bacon. LOL.

Face of God in bacon. LOL.

I SEE GOD IN FOOD. And I see God's sense of humor. LOL.

I SEE GOD IN FOOD. And I see God’s sense of humor. Blackberry eyes. LOL.

I SEE GOD IN FOOD. This was waiting for me along the path I walk. Say Cheese!

I SEE GOD IN FOOD. This was waiting for me along the path I walk. Say Cheese!

God uses many ways to get your attention.   It could be your refrigerator suddenly going on when you enter the room or even your own pet pawing at you or itching themselves, or a TV or radio show or someone outside your window, or a horn honking or sirens, or a plane or helicopter flying overhead or he might make you aware of his presence in your own body  Pay attention to any sensations you feel right now.

I heard a siren out my window and when I looked out i saw this huge face staring up at me.

I heard a siren out my window and when I looked out i saw this huge snow face staring up at me. A few minutes later it blew away.

God sees thru our eyes

I SEE GOD IN PEOPLE’S EYES. Faces in irises is God seeing thru our eyes.

This is one of the ways God sees out our eyes

This is one of the ways God sees out our eyes

God sees thru our eyes - Thomas Hunt

The faces in our irises is God seeing out our eyes. I can see these in every human iris photo I have looked at. These, along with the floaters in your eyes, are God’s GPS which allows him to precisely anticipate, target and synchronize everything you look at with laser precision.

To understand this and how this is plausible you have to understand our origins going back to the BIG BANG.  It’s important to understand how our planet and solar system came to be.  GOD told me to look to outer space and the universe in order to gain more understanding.  I suggest watching Universe themed tv shows and anything else COSMOS related, even Ancient Aliens.   God exists at the quantum, atomic, subatomic, and even smaller levels.

God's Floating Hands - thomas hunt

I SEE GOD IN DANDELION SEEDS. These are God’s Floating Hands. They will supernaturally seek you out to remind you of God’s presence. When you start to notice this it is amazing!

God exists in everything at every level. God sees out our eyes and hears every thought we have.  That is how everything seems like a conspiracy because your world reacts to your movements and thoughts.  It’s like we all have our own personal GOD Bubble that follows us around.  We are going through a period of revelation whereby GOD is trying to reveal himself to us and the fact that he is in us.   I’ve learned to see God in virtually everything and to communicate via my thoughts and mental telepathy.  Just start thinking and acting like something is inside you and is trying to communicate back.  This is so difficult to explain and understand.  I promise you that I am right about this.


Angel in the sky.

Keep in mind that if GOD is in fact in everything, it stands to reason that he can will use anything to communicate with us.    This is precisely what I have determined after 1000s upon 1000s of hours testing this theory. As God reels you in closer you will start to see repeating number sequences more often.  These are not coincidences so pay attention to them and try to pay attention to your thoughts at the time you see them.   Common repeating number sequences that I see on a recurring basis include, but are not limited to:  00, 1, 2, 5, 11, 12, 15, 22, 24, 33, 37, 42, 44, 55, 57, 66, 67, 73, 77, 88, 93, 99, 100, 122, 141, 177, 1111, and many more. These all have specific meanings that I outlined above in this blog.

photo (17)

I SEE GOD IN LIGHT. This light came out of nowhere through the woods and hit me directly in the eyes.  God will “supernaturally nudge” you into the light.   He uses reflective surfaces, the sun, parking lot lights, car head lights, reverse lights and more.

photo (19)

SEE THE LIGHT. This reflection of sunlight off a mall atrium was so powerful it almost knocked me out of my shoes. The significance of this is that, unbeknownst to me at the time, God was nudging me right into the path of this “monster light”. Within seconds it was gone.


I want to again emphasize that God is conditioning us how to communicate with him through pacing, paralleling, repetition, synchronization and anticipation of your thoughts and movements.

Try to pay attention to your thoughts at the time you might experience any of the above.  Ask in your head for GOD to reveal himself and then quickly pay attention to everything around you.  ANYTHING that could coincide with your thought.   You need to test and test and pay attention to your thoughts and then look and listen for a response from anything that might get your attention.

Thomas Hunt

This is me – Thomas Hunt.  2 years ago I would never ever ever ever thought my life would lead to this path where I am teaching people how to see God. Believe me, this is all new territory for me. God told me I’m fulfilling my destiny.  God has asked me to teach the world. This blog is my first stab at it. I’m producing it with all the sincerity and clarity I can muster. LOL. It is only the tip of a mountain of additional information I am preparing.

I’ll do my best to answer any questions.

Sincerest Regards, Thomas Hunt


***Email from someone who “BELIEVES”….

I just read a long post you posted on and after believing I was a victim of electronic harassement for years now I would like to say your message made more sence than thousands of others ive read I rarely email anyone ever in fact this maybe the third Ive sent ever. I have noticed God pulling me and have been teaching and preaching for quite awhile and strangely Ive never put the two together. In fact as I was reading the part about an ambulance going by one did at that exact moment. My cheif issue was heart pains ,hair itching/movement and I am now practicing being more relaxed. I thank you deeply for taking the time to post this and anymore info would be greatly apreciated especially in refrance to Hair/Heart Congradulations on behalf of “suffers” I will do my part in teaching and informing as well. Take care my friend.
                                      Gary H