My name is Thomas Kendall Hunt and I was recently diagnosed (off the record because there’s no medical explanation for what happens to me) as a “stigmatist” (shapeshifter) by a reknowned doctor and nurse at St.Lukes Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri.  Both are from South America. 

I also have been developing a unique gift where I visually capture on film or video divine messages about prophesies before they occur.  Ive captured disaster prophesies within hours of them happening. 

My job is “Reverse Engineering God” and teaching how God is communicating with us in these modern technological times thru supernatural and divine intervention and synchronization. This is necessary in order to properly explain and debunk the global “gang stalking phenomenon” that is happening to millions of us around the world.  God is conditioning and sensitizing us to a new supernatural form of communication. We are all in the midst of Ascension and evolution of our species. 

The “gang stalking phenomenon” is not just a US, UK, Canada, Australia thing. It appears to be occurring in virtually every country on the planet.  Thus far, this blog has helped 1000s of people from 85 countries see the truth. The supernatural divine truth!

Let me first say that, like many of you right now,  I too endured my own personal gang stalking delusion for 5 years until my perception of what was happening changed. 

The gang stalking phenomenon is not only a misunderstood illusion/perception but it has also become a global crisis because of the misinformation and misinterpretations being shared amongst many of you.

There are bad apples out there, but don’t confuse bad events or people as being part of an organized stalking conspiracy. Government-backed gang stalking is a myth.  Unless perhaps you’re a bonafide terrorist threat which is highly unlikely. 

Today, I seem to be one of only a few people on the planet that has escaped the delusional grips of falsely believing that I was a targeted individual and a victim of gang stalking and covert/electronic harassment.  

Over the last 5 years I’ve experienced the “gang stalking/targeted individual phenomenon” in 10 states and 20 different cities across the U.S. I still see it and feel it everyday and everywhere no matter where I am 24/7.  But I’ve learned there is nothing to fear and there’s nothing sinister going on. I’ve determined that it is not stalking and it’s not a conspiracy and I’m not crazy and neither are you. 

It’s undeniable that there is definitely something going on.  I’ve determined that it’s supernatural.  It’s all God revealing himself to us.   God is doing this by supernaturally synchronizing everyone and everything around you, as well as creating strange sensations inside you, to get your attention.  I’ve documented my own “shape shifting”  stigmata-type skin manifestations in this blog that represent God revealing his presence in the human body.  

What we are all experiencing is stuff you might see in a science fiction movie, but this is for real.  I suggest you get used to it as it is the new norm for many of us.  So stop being paranoid.  Stop being afraid.  Stop being pissed off.  

What I’ve decoded is very accurate and has been repeatedly tested and documented. What we are all experiencing is the side effects and symptoms of seeing the human species being supernaturally synchronized around us. There is no gang stalking. Not even a little bit.  You are not being stalked and you have not been targeted.  You’ve been chosen by God.  

I’ve determined that God is an actual quantum particle energy wave lifeform that exists in every single thing in the universe.  In fact, the universe is a lifeform (God). Like fish living in water, we humans and all other life exist and live inside God.  Essentially we all live inside of a supernatural  4-dimensional spacetime matrix. I believe that God and the universe were self-created as a result of a metamorphosis caused by the Big Bang.

Furthermore it has become evident to me that our species is being converged towards telepathic communication (like aliens).  And this might be why some of you are hearing voices in your head (V2K) and also seeing your thoughts manifesting on TV, thru other people’s words, or elsewhere in your immediate environment.  

I’m right about all of this. And here’s a disturbing trend: the information you are sharing amongst yourselves, as well as what you are reading from indivuduals such as Duncan, Hall, Mooring, Olsson, Pittman and others is the erroneous information that is brainwashing everyone into thinking that technology and the governments of the world are behind all of this.  I don’t doubt that certain technologies exist, but these guys are applying the wrong technological explanations for all of this. They’re sincere but misguided. Im living proof of this.  I figured out an alternative explanation that makes more sense.  You need to be open-minded if you want to get through this without losing your mind. 

We are all experiencing something supernatural and in due time you will all come to the realization that I am right!  

Until my websites and books are published use this blog as a reference for understanding the meanings of anything you see, hear and experience.  I promise you that things will get better the sooner you learn the supernatural truth about what is really happening to us. 

God will supernaturally synchronize my name and variations to remind you of what I’m telling you and to start BELIEVING!!!

Thomas Kendall Hunt

Thomas, Tom, Tommy, Hunt, Tom H., hunted, hunter, hunting, Huntington, on the hunt, the hunt, hunt down, huntsman, Huntsville, Kendall, etc.  

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. As dumb and cringeworthy as it sounds I came to the same conclusions about the how smart mobs were being choreographed or synchronized. It took a long time to accept. Everyday I question how this monstrous reality can exist around me. The entire world cannot be this way, right? So who or what am I doing here? Am I the left
    behind? Or just another psychotic? The only little boy left in New York?

    There are thousands of fake sites and videos on all the fringe topics designed to repell and offer a stupefied relief for the desperate. Then when you get a little sleep you see them for what they are. Guess who runs them? The population on these sites who crank out the comments in the forums like to say “perp alert, the site has been infiltrated.” Then they go about playing parlor games of pointing fingers. This guy or that female is the bad bad perpe-traitor. “We TI’s have to stick together and be strong b/c it’s divide and conquer…” and bla bla bla. All play-acted kabuki theater.

    Is this the same lingo used in AA meetings? I’ve never been but I used to be surrounded by ex-alcoholics at my old job. Too many. And I was the only one not in on the joke.

    One such monstrosity site is Peace Pink. These are not CIA, FBI, FSB, NSA trolls but everybody on the site claims to be a so-called TI. The TI’s and the perps appear to be interchangeable. At any rate they are all on the same side. These are the hybrids that call themselves “gang stalkers” that fill up cities and look like every kind of corrupt looking inbred moron with man bun hair flying in every direction and tattoos coming out of their ass. These are the pro-disrupters on every level of society from the homeless to drug addicts to CEO’s (sans man buns and tats). “They” are whoever and whatever they have to be. CIA FBI FSB are loaded with high functioning morons who are assigned to fill agent slots. Like the man says when I’m combing my hair, “everybody has a part…to play.” From the low to the high. Technology doesn’t play much of a role.

    “Well golly, you mean, like, everyone’s in on the conspiracy?” There is no conspiracy. “They” don’t come out and say that in so many words. Manipulating paranoia might be a form of amusement except that it appears that hybrids don’t laugh unless it’s to fill out a role or assigned function. Like in the very revealing movie, Tomorrowland. Yup, the entertainment industry does drop hints every now and then.

    I’m beginning to think that this comment and my blog are minority reports about hyper++ humans straight out of that movie and Jacob’s Ladder. Except I’m the one in the minority and PKD telepaths are in control. Reality not PKD. And yes, the human race is being upgraded to a natural hive mind gestalt. It has something to do with the brain stem and or pineal gland together with CSF and extreme sleep deprivation. The resulting collective hive consciousness might approach an AI type entity like from a Gibson novel.

    The peripherals don’t eat much and don’t sleep much. I eat and sleep as much as I can. What happens when you don’t sleep? Your body doesn’t repair. I get maybe a half a dozen mornings a year when I wake up refreshed. The other times my sleep cycles are disrupted. A generalized anxiety that I’ve had my entire life is the result. Along with tooth problems. What happens when you don’t sleep for 3/4 of a year? Something else does the needed maintenance. And torture.

    Want to read about these guys in books? Cormac McCarthy’s “Blood Meridian” has a 7′ tall Nephilim-like character in post Civil War America called the Judge.

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